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Refurbished Materials Provide Quality for a Low Price
Create a Stylish Professional Office with Affordable Glass Panels and Doors
We have materials in stock - call us to find out how we can meet your needs
We can arrange transport and installation, and we guarantee the quality of our installers' work
Duurzaam Solutions offers the cost effective solution for your commercial interior needs. We provide an economical and sustainable solution in the form of refurbished glass walls, glass doors and other materials. You can purchase materials and arrange installation yourself or we can arrange installation for you.

Duurzaam Solutions has a network of quality installation companies that provide customized modern commerical interiors for alot less money. We offer complete solutions including a combination of refurbished glass walls alongside closed walls and woodwork.
We have glass wall panels, glass doors, wood doors and other materials in stock.
Call us to understand how we can meet your needs. We can arrange transport if you would like materials shipped to a location in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, the United Kingdom or Eastern Europe. Please contact us to discuss your needs, obtain additional information and receive a free quote. Or take a moment to send us an information request. We will respond asap.

Reduce Demolition or Remodelling Costs

Do you need to empty or remodel a commercial space? You can achieve a drastic reduction in demolition costs by having Duurzaam Solutions remove materials at our own expense. We will arrange professional disassembly of reusable materials and demolition of materials that cannot be reused. We take a problem out of your hands and greatly reduce or eliminate the costs of your demolition project. The location of materials and accessability within a building can impact demolition costs, for example if a crane is required to remove materials and demolition debris from upper floors. We can quickly assess your situation and provide you a free quote which will always include free labor from Duurzaam Solutions for purposes of dissassembling materials and demolishing associated debris.
Subcontract Demolition to Duurzaam Solutions to Reduce Your Labor Costs
Architects, general contractors, installation companies and demolishing companies subcontract demolition of commercial spaces to us - taking advantage of our free service in order to reduce their labor costs.

Sell Disassembled Materials

We will purchase materials such as glass panels that are already disassembled at a building site or are sitting in storage. Give us a call to discuss it.


Building owners, management companies, renters, demolition and installation companies any company can take advantage of our services, together we can turn problems into opportunities by reducing total project costs while helping to limit greenhouse gas emissions.
The value of materials varies depending on their quality and condition. The costs associated with disassembling or demolishing materials depends on the nature of the installation, amount of associated materials that must be removed, the location in the office building and accessability for transport. We can quickly assess your situation and give you a free quote so that you can realise value from your old interior space. Our extensive experience ensures quality project management. Our investment and expertise in refurbishment solutions turns old materials into an opportunity for another company. We can arrange transport and storage, and create value by cleaning, refurbishing, and repacking. Please contact us to discuss your needs, to obtain additional information, or receive a free quote. Or take a moment to fill in this Information Request by clicking the button below. We will respond asap to your request.


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