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We all do well by saving greenhouse gas emissions while you save costs. Duurzaam = Sustainable. When Duurzaam Solutions recycles your materials, or you purchase recycled materials, you are helping to save our environment. A typical commercial space glass wall panel contains about 50+ kilograms of glass per meter. According to the "Slim Slopen Tool 2.0" provided by the Dutch Green Building Counsel each 100 meters of such glass panels that we reuse saves about 127 kilograms of CO2 and 1 kilogram of NOx from being released into the air.



Disassembly, Installation
& Transport

We can arrange transport and installation, and we guarantee the quality of our installers' work.


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Clear glass with milk white. Horizontally, double glass.

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About Duurzaam Solutions


Duurzaam Solutions is founded upon the understanding that some existing office materials, especially glass wall panels, can be redeployed at new office sites or in export markets for a fraction of the cost of new materials, saving the expense and carbon emissions associated with manufacturing new materials. We combine operational expertise and experience in demolition and installation businesses with a vision about the importance of sustainability and recycling, not only for the environment, but also customers' wallets.

Duurzaam Solutions founders' predecessor companies have many years experience with refurbishing and recycling materials taken from commercial spaces.


We are keen to find, preserve and transfer the value that exists in materials which might otherwise be destroyed. Glass walls and doors are particularly suited for this purpose because they are sturdy and do not damage easily. However we will refurbish and restore any materials that can be redeployed and provide real value to a new purchaser. Contact us if you would like to discuss - together we can turn problems into opportunities!


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